Did whitney port dating jay

This brings up a lot of questions: __What did you think of the finale? Do you think Whitney will be happy with her decision or would she have been happier if she had stayed with Jay? Whitney Eve, a new fashion line from Whitney Port of The City fame, hits boutiques January 30 and features everything from sharply tailored blazers and breezy rainbow-hued blouses to glittery cocktail dresses with sky-high hemlines., Whitney gets dumped on—her Tamarama-musician-boyfriend Jay has just ended their relationship because he's going on tour and needs to "be by himself," and then frenemy Olivia continues to take credit for Whitney's winning cover look at work.(Man, I want to tell that girl off, she's evil.) But I was so proud of Whit.

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On The City last night, Whitney Port moved forward with her fashion line, no thanks to Roxy Olin, while useless Olivia Palermo flaked out yet again over at Elle.

Meanwhile, Holly is a drunk, Speidi is hilarious and Jayde Nicole is totally nuts.

Check out our recap of "Sorry Boo, Strike Two." On The City, Whitney Port showed us a different side of her, booty calling ex Jay Lyon and then breaking it off, all the while dating hunky new guy Freddie Fackelmayer. Check out our recap of "Hit it and Quit it." » - [email protected](Dr.

Whitney and Jay, who began dating in summer last year, were reported calling off their romance in March 2009.

Whitney Port recently moved from The Hills to The City. Here's Whitney Port's take on The City - in her own words!